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Czech it out: From the Eastern European region known for Oscar-winning animation comes a toy story with Grimm undertones.

Sept 7, 2012

-By Frank Lovece


Toy Story by way of Jungian subconscious, this phantasmagoric stop-motion animated feature by Jiří Barta, the director called “the European Tim Burton,” is a rich, multi-course meal of images both enchanting and disturbing—the right mix for childhood, in other words.

A Czech Toy Story


‘Sacred Prey’ Gets Big-screen Treatment

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) Hot scribe Brad Ingelsby and Warners will develop a feature based on “Sacred Prey,” Vivian Schilling’s novel about a hitman who becomes the victim of his own takedown.The high-concept thriller centers on a loan shark who kills a man he believes duped him, only to wake up and find himself in the body of that man three days before the murder. He then embarks on a furious effort to prevent the murder he committed.
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Brad Ingelsby to adapt Vivian Schilling’s novel

“Schilling writes with all the passion of lightning.”

—The Book Reader

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