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Hannover House
Fiction, Literary Suspense
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Sacred Prey


Sacred Prey

In this dark Dickensian tale of murder and redemption, acclaimed author Vivian Schilling delves deep into the mind of a New Orleans loan shark, and in a twist of fate, pits him against his own prejudice and self-righteous greed.


Adam Claiborne—a devout Catholic and family man—ascended from the slums in Algiers to a lush mansion in the Garden District and now condemns those too weak to transcend their misfortunes. He built his empire with hard work and when needed, rules it with an iron fist. But when a routine debt collection deep in the bayou leaves Charlie and Monique Sinclair dead, he turns to a priest to assuage his nettling conscience. Normally, Adam’s blood-stained confessions are met with a prayer and all is forgiven, but when a new priest denies him absolution, it marks the beginning of a harrowing journey for Adam. His uneasy sleep that night turns into a disturbing new reality when he awakens to find himself three days back in time and in the body of Charlie Sinclair. With a new perspective on his victim’s life and last three days of terror, Adam must find redemption or die at his own ruthless hand.

Sacred Prey is a powerful and heart-pounding glimpse into the soul of New Orleans, into the colorful lives of its rich and poor, black and white, Christian and Voudon—a riveting tale of human complexity and the power of perspective.


“Thoroughly gripping … highly respectable writing.”

“Screenwriter Schilling shows deft storytelling ability … fresh, lively, and supplied with plenty of suspenseful twists … a promising debut that will surely entertain.”

“A psychological thriller you won’t soon forget … written with an imagination that smacks of part Edgar Allan Poe / part island voodoo … an unforgettable trek.”
—THE HERALD, North Carolina

“Suspenseful … well done.”

“Startling and Brilliant … Illuminating … Vivian Schilling writes with all the passion of lightning. Her ideas brood and rumble and thunder and relentlessly strike home. The scenes snap and crackle like live wires, the characters pulsate with fear, the entire plot passes from one insight to another… a terror filled, very metaphysical trek into atonement … There’s a powerful message here of dread and fury and the final peace that passes understanding.”

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“Adam Claiborne struggles intensely with the gray line between good and evil, truth and lie. He begins as my antagonist and ends as my protagonist. It was a difficult character arch to make, but accomplished solely through giving him a new perspective—that of his own hapless victim.”

—Vivian Schilling, Fiction Addiction


Hannover House
Fiction, Literary Suspense


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