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Hannover House
Fiction, Literary Suspense
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Praise for Sacred Prey


Praise for Sacred Prey

“Thoroughly gripping . . . highly respectable writing.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

 “Schilling shows deft storytelling ability . . . Fresh, lively, and supplied with plenty of
suspenseful twists . . . a promising debut that will surely entertain.” 

—Publisher’s Weekly

“Suspenseful . . . well done.” 
—Library Journal

 “A psychological thriller you won’t forget . . . written with an imagination that smacks
of part Edgar Allan Poe / part island voodoo . . . an unforgettable trek.” 

—The Herald, North Carolina

 “Sacred Prey reads fast and hard, like a gangster movie screenplay, with sharp images
for impressionable minds open to the supernatural. A page-turner.” 
—Eva Wojcik-Obert

 “Startling and brilliant . . . a very metaphysical trek into atonement.
Schilling writes with all the passion of lightning.”

—The Book Reader

 “A chilling insight into fear lived through another man’s eyes.” 
—Courier Gazette, New York 

“Rarely does a book blow me over—maybe once or twice per year.
Sacred Prey is that rare exception.” 

—Jacksonville Times-Union 

“A mighty tale of action, adventure, passion and brutality . . .
the author keeps us riveted to the end.” 
—West Coast Review of Books/Rapport 

“Fast-paced . . . well handled . . . downright entertaining.” 
—The Baton Rouge Advocate


Winner of the Golden Scroll Award for Outstanding Achievement in Literature

“Adam Claiborne struggles intensely with the gray line between good and evil, truth and lie. He begins as my antagonist and ends as my protagonist. It was a difficult character arch to make, but accomplished solely through giving him a new perspective—that of his own hapless victim.”

—Vivian Schilling, Fiction Addiction


Hannover House
Fiction, Literary Suspense


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