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Bonobos: Back to the Wild – Writer/Producer
Toys in the Attic – English Adaptation Writer/Producer/Director – Lead Voice
Ambrose Bierce: Civil War Stories – Lead Actor
Niemcy — Lead Actor
Puss In Boots (Animated Feature) – Lead Voice
Savage Land – Role of Clara … Lead Actor
Future Shock – Writer/Co-Producer/Lead Actor
In a Moment of Passion – Supporting Actor
The Legend of Wolf Mountain – Supporting Actor
Soultaker – Writer/Co-Producer/Lead Actor

“As a producer the job description can vary wildly, but always comes with an unshakable companion—the ever present gremlin at your ear whispering that the entire film will fall apart if you stop for a second.”

—Vivian Schilling, “Bonobos Land Across the Atlantic”

Vivian Schilling 2021 - All Rights Reserved