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Author: Vivian Schilling

‘Sacred Prey’ Gets Big-screen Treatment

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) Hot scribe Brad Ingelsby and Warners will develop a feature based on “Sacred Prey,” Vivian Schilling’s novel about a hitman who becomes the victim of his own takedown.The high-concept thriller centers on a loan shark who kills a man he believes duped him, only to wake up and find himself in the body of that man three days before the murder. He then embarks on a furious effort to prevent the murder he committed.
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Brad Ingelsby to adapt Vivian Schilling’s novel

Mystery Scene Magazine

Sacred Prey was born out of my frustration as a screenwriter caught in the collaborative process of Hollywood. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of seeing life through someone else’s perspective. This is what led me to acting; acting led me to writing. As an actress I’ve played everything from a gun-slinging Calamity Jane to a German nightclub singer ensnared within the chaos of Hitler’s rein. I love the vast spectrum of personalities and situations that life has to offer, but found early on in my acting career that Hollywood’s palette of female characters was not only limited but highly suspect. In the land of film, the population of men outweighs women ten to one while in real life the count is somewhat more equitable. Needless to say, the pickin’s are slim, so I began screenwriting to create roles for myself. And while I became a screenwriter to satiate my love for acting, I became a novelist to satiate my infatuation with storytelling.

“Schilling writes with all the passion of lightning.”

—The Book Reader

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